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3 Point Perspective Grid by Chunk220 3 Point Perspective Grid by Chunk220
I've been really wanting to go completely digital on drawing for a while now, but one of the issues I'd run into was using perspectives in Photoshop. I thought, "It cant done that easily!"

Well, I was at the book store one day, and I came across this book called "The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics" by Freddie E. Williams II. This book was great. It gave me some really great tips on using Photoshop and got me in there messing around and learning the tools more. Not to mention, it has started sputtering the rusty gears again and has given me hope of breaking this rut. Anyways. If any of you peeps using Photoshop are looking for some tips, that's the book to read.

I was able to create the blue lines that extend from each vanishing point using the perspective path created by Freddie and provided for free on his website . You can download his or just as easily create your own with the paths tools. Once I had my points laid out, I was able to draw out my perspective triangle and find my diagonal vanishing points using other path tools that I came up with myself.

Like I said, the book was great, and there are a lot more tips in there to get you going. Looking for a great book on perspectives for comics? Get "Vanishing Point" by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer. It really helped me brush up on my perspective studies when art class faded away.
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<font><font>gracias por el aporte.</font></font>
N30N3K0 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011   General Artist
THis has been really helpfull, Thankyou. :XD:
gregscottbailey Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Nice tip, thanks for posting. I've been wanting to put together some perspective images myself.
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